Paint Industry

Paint Binders

Paint Binders is a substance that keeps the pigment of paint in place after the paint dries. It is used to create wet stuff that we call paint. Binders provide somewhat "slippery" ground preparation.

Paint Chemicals

Defoamers are commonly used for eliminating the undesirable Foam. We offers Non-Silicone Defoamer, Mineral Oil Defoamer, Polyglycol Based Defoamer.

Dispersant We manufacture & Export Dispersing Agents which are suitable for oil based systems, solvent based systems & Aqueous systems.

Thickener are used to increase the Viscosity. We offer Solvent Thickener, Oil Thickener & Aqueous Thickener.

Wetting Agent are used for the surface and substrate wetting. We manufacture Anionic Wetting Agent, Non-ionic Wetting Agent, Cationic Wetting Agent & Amphoteric Wetting Agent.

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