International Market

We supply our Polymers to more than 25 countries, for distribution and projects, from small retail shops to big distribution networks. The products we offer cater to different categories from the project segment to high-end exclusive designs.

Logistic Solution

Delivering to the International market is always a challenge, therefore we have a dedicated department that handles all the logistics services that our customers would need, with solutions to even the most challenging projects and destinations.

We proudly export our products to various countries. For the global market, we can supply a standard product with any demand. AT Zizer Polymers LLP we have a professional support team to guide you for your export order. kindly contact on zizerpolymers@gmail.com

Our production capacity is large so we can easily fulfil your export order in any quantity. Due to the large design range and quality, our products are performing well in the global market.

Sri Lanka




saudi arabia








Quality and Trust

We are commited to Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering high Quality Fine Organic Intermediate Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals.

The continual improvement of our products and services through process-control, employee empowerment and management commitment.

Deliver our products on time and consistently invent optimal distribution routes to minimize costs and shipment time.

Preserve the intellectual property rights of our clients, and practice confidentiality in the intermediate discovery and development of processes.

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